دانلود کنفرانس های پایکان ۲۰۱۷ آمریکا (US PyCon 2017)

در این پست قصد داریم ویدئو های کنفرانس های پایکان ۲۰۱۷ آمریکا (US PyCon 2017) را برای شما با لینک مستقیم قرار دهیم.

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سری اول

Aileen Nielsen – Time Series Analysis – PyCon 2017

Allen Downey, Jason Woodard – Complexity Science – PyCon 2017

Amirali Sanatinia Applied Modern Cryptography in Python PyCon 2017

Chalmer Lowe – bokeh Data Visualization in Python – PyCon 2017

Chloe Mawer, Jonathan Whitmore – Exploratory data analysis in python – PyCon 2017

Miguel Grinberg – Microservices with Python and Flask – PyCon 2017

Reuben Cummings – Using Functional Programming for efficient Data Processing and Analysis

Trey Hunner – Readable Regular Expressions – PyCon 2017


سری دوم

Tyler Reddy Mastering scipy spatial PyCon 2017

Thomas Ballinger, Rose Ames – Web programming from the beginning – PyCon 2017

Mike Müller Faster Python Programs Measure, don’t Guess PyCon 2017

James Bennett – An introduction to secure web development with Django and Python

Luciano Ramalho – Decorators and descriptors decoded – PyCon 2017

Fantastic Data and Where To Find Them- An introduction to APIs, RSS, and Scraping

Eric J. Ma, Mridul Seth – Network Analysis Made Simple – PyCon 2017

Christopher Fonnesbeck – Introduction to Statistical Modeling with Python – PyCon 2017

Dave Forgac, Ian Zelikman – Contract-First API Development Using The OpenAPI Specification (Swagger)

Joe Jevnik – How to Write and Debug C Extension Modules – PyCon 2017

Mike Bright, Haïkel Guémar, Mario Loriedo – ContainerOrchestration.py- The tutorial session


سری سوم

Maciej Szulik Effectively running python applications in Kubernetes OpenShift – PyCon 2017

Moshe Zadka, Glyph Creating And Consuming Modern Web Services with Twisted PyCon 2017

Kenneth Love Django Admin Basics and Beyond PyCon 2017

Jacob Kaplan Moss Let’s build a web framework! PyCon 2017

Aaron Knight Build a data pipeline with Luigi PyCon 2017

Deploy and scale containers with Docker native, open source orchestration PyCon 2017

Eric J Ma Best Testing Practices for Data Science PyCon 2017

Ben Zaitlen, Matthew Rocklin, Min Ragan Kelley, Olivier Grisel Parallel Data Analysis PyCon 2017

Sep Dehpour Magic Method, on the wall, who, now, is the ` fairest ` one of all PyCon 2017

Trey Hunner Readability Counts PyCon 2017

Padmaja V Bhagwat Algorithmic Music Generation PyCon 2017

Moshe Zadka Automate AWS With Python PyCon 2017

Matthew Rocklin Dask A Pythonic Distributed Data Science Framework PyCon ۲۰۱۷

Mali Akmanalp Library UX Using abstraction towards friendlier APIs PyCon 2017

Kavya Joshi The Memory Chronicles A Tale of Two Pythons PyCon 2017

Jon Banafato What’s in your pip toolbox PyCon 2017

Joe Jevnik Title Available On Request An Introduction to Lazy Evaluation PyCon 2017

Jessica Stringham Experiment Assignment on the Web PyCon 2017

Jason Myers Leveraging Serverless Architecture for Powerful Data Pipelines PyCon 2017

Jessica Lundin Snakes on a Hyperplane Python Machine Learning in Production PyCon 2017

Flávio Juvenal How to make a good library API PyCon 2017

James Saryerwinnie Next Level Testing PyCon 2017

Dustin Ingram The Fastest FizzBuzz in the West Make Your Own Language with RPLY and RPython

Elizaveta Shashkova Debugging in Python 3 6 Better, Faster, Stronger PyCon 2017

Deborah Hanus Lights, camera, action! Scraping a great dataset to predict Oscar winners

David DB Baumgold Looping Like a Pro in Python PyCon 2017

Big picture software testing unit testing, Lean Startup, and everything in between PyCon 2017

Ashwini Oruganti, Mark Williams Designing secure APIs with state machines PyCon 2017

Asheesh Laroia, Philip James Type uWSGI; press enter; what happens PyCon 2017

Alex Orlov Cython as a Game Changer for Efficiency PyCon 2017

Amber Brown Implementing Concurrency and Parallelism From The Ground Up PyCon 2017

Thomas Ballinger Know thy self Methods and method binding PyCon 2017

Susan Tan Rants and Ruminations From A Job Applicant After 100 CS Job Interviews in Silicon Valley

Sofia Heisler No More Sad Pandas Optimizing Pandas Code for Speed and Efficiency PyCon 2017

Sarah Guido The Wild West of Data Wrangling PyCon 2017

Russell Keith Magee How to write a Python transpiler PyCon 2017

Riley Doyle Re Programming the Human Genome with Python PyCon 2017

Packaging Let’s Encrypt Lessons learned shipping Python code to hundreds of thousands of users

Nicole Zuckerman The Glory of pdb’s set trace PyCon 2017

Michele Pratusevich Instagram Filters in 15 Lines of Python PyCon 2017

Lynn Root Tracing, Fast and Slow Digging into and improving your web service’s performance

Mariatta Wijaya Dial M For Mentor PyCon 2017

Lisa N Roach Exploring Network Programmability with Python and YANG PyCon 2017

Lightning talks May 20th 2017 Morning session

Lennart Regebro Prehistoric Patterns in Python PyCon 2017

Katy Huff Keynote PyCon 2017

Joseph Leingang Temporal Data Structures with SQLAlchemy and Postgres PyCon 2017

Katie McLaughlin Snek in the Browser PyCon 2017

Glyph In Memory Event Resequencing Realistic Testing For Impossible Bugs PyCon 2017

Jean Baptiste Aviat Writing a C Python extension in 2017 PyCon 2017

Ending Py2Py3 compatibility in a user friendly manner PyCon 2017

David Wolever When the abyss gazes back staring down Python’s surprising internals PyCon 2017

Calen Pennington Immutable Programming Writing Functional Python PyCon 2017

Brett Cannon What’s new in Python 3 6 PyCon 2017

Brendan McCollam Web identity OAuth2 and OpenIDConnect PyCon 2017

Anwesha Das The trends in choosing licenses in Python ecosystem PyCon 2017

Andrew T Baker 5 ways to deploy your Python web app in 2017 PyCon 2017

Amjith Ramanujam Awesome Command Line Tools PyCon 2017

Aaron Hall Slot or not higher performance custom objects in pure Python PyCon 2017

Łukasz Langa Unicode what is the big deal PyCon 2017

Ying Li, David Lawrence Introduction to Threat Modeling PyCon 2017

Victor Stinner Optimizations which made Python 3 6 faster than Python 3 5 PyCon 2017

Tony Ojeda Human Machine Collaboration for Improved Analytical Processes PyCon 2017

Torsten Scholak, Diego Maniloff Intro to Bayesian Machine Learning with PyMC3 and Edward

Tom Christie Level up! Rethinking the Web API framework PyCon 2017

Steve Dower I Installed Python 3 6 on Windows and I Liked It PyCon 2017

Stuart Williams Python Epiphanies PyCon 2017

Ryan Anguiano Dr Microservices, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the API PyCon 2017

Sev Leonard IoT Lab with Micropython and Friends PyCon 2017

Raymond Hettinger Modern Python Dictionaries A confluence of a dozen great ideas PyCon 2017

Michelle Fullwood A gentle introduction to deep learning with TensorFlow PyCon 2017

Morgan Wahl Text is More Complicated Than You Think Comparing and Sorting Unicode PyCon 2017

Mario Corchero It’s time for datetime PyCon 2017

Lisa Guo, Hui Ding Keynote PyCon 2017

Larry Hastings The Gilectomy How’s It Going PyCon 2017

Katherine Scott Python from Space Analyzing Open Satellite Imagery Using the Python Ecosystem

Jukka Lehtosalo, David Fisher Static Types for Python PyCon 2017

Jessica Forde An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning PyCon 2017

Jake VanderPlas The Python Visualization Landscape PyCon 2017

Jake Vanderplas – Keynote – PyCon 2017

Hynek Schlawack Solid Snakes or How to Take 5 Weeks of Vacation PyCon 2017

Factory Automation with Python Stories about Robots, Serial Ports, and Barcode Readers

Erik Rose Constructive Code Review PyCon 2017

David Dumas Python for mathematical visualization a four dimensional case study PyCon 2017

IPython and Jupyter in Depth- High productivity, interactive Python – PyCon 2017

Daniele Procida How documentation works, and how to make it work for your project PyCon 2017

Cory Benfield Requests Under The Hood PyCon 2017

Building A Gigaword Corpus Lessons on Data Ingestion, Management, and Processing for NLP

Amandine Lee Passing Exceptions 101 Paradigms in Error Handling PyCon 2017

Brandon Rhodes The Dictionary Even Mightier PyCon 2017

A Jesse Jiryu Davis Grok the GIL Write Fast And Thread Safe Python PyCon 2017

Allen Downey – Introduction to Digital Signal Processing – PyCon 2017


سری چهارم

Yury Selivanov asyncawait and asyncio in Python 3 6 and beyond PyCon 2017

Tim Head Look mum no hands! From blinking LEDs to a bike speedometer with MicroPython PyCon 2017

Sam Kitajima Kimbrel One Data Pipeline to Rule Them All PyCon 2017

Sam Agnew Hacking Classic Nintendo Games with Python PyCon 2017

PSF Community Service Awards

Paul Everitt, Guido van Rossum Panel Discussion PyCon 2017

Miguel Grinberg Asynchronous Python for the Complete Beginner PyCon 2017

Mary Nagle Piecing it Together A beginner’s guide to application configuration PyCon 2017

Lightning talks May 21th, 2017 Morning session

Kelsey Hightower – Keynote – Pycon 2017

Jiaqi Liu Fuzzy Search Algorithms How and When to Use Them PyCon 2017

Lightning talks May 20th, 2017 Evening session session

Final remarks and conference close – Pycon 2017

Eric Evenchick Hacking Cars with Python PyCon 2017

Eric J Ma Bayesian Statistical Analysis with Python PyCon 2017

Education Summit Afternoon Room A106 Part01

Dave Forgac Share Your Code! Python Packaging Without Complication PyCon 2017

Christopher Fonnesbeck Probabilistic Programming with PyMC3 PyCon 2017

Christine Waigl The Next Step Finding Model Parameters With Random Walks PyCon 2017

Benny Bauer Python in The Serverless Era PyCon 2017

Barry Warsaw aiosmtpd A better asyncio based SMTP server PyCon 2017

Amit Ramesh, Qui Nguyen Building Stream Processing Applications PyCon 2017

Al Sweigart Yes, It’s Time to Learn Regular Expressions PyCon 2017

Education Summit Morning 2017 05 18

Gothic Colors Using Python to understand color in nineteenth century literature PyCon 2017

Filipe Pires Alvarenga Fernandes Community powered packaging conda forge PyCon 2017

Education Summit Afternoon Room A105 2017 05 18


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دانلود آموزش Lynda – Learning Python with PyCharm

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